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Rifle Shooting

We have a newly-constructed range facility offering 25 yard, 50 yard, and 100 yard shooting stations. The Director in charge of this sector is highly experienced and ensures a high standard of safe operation. He also ensures that the facilities are maintained to a high standard.


Bob with falcon


The PSAH, in conjunction with Master Falconer, Bob Raymond, will be hosting information sessions on the art of flying a bird of prey. Bob has been flying for over 20 years and is a licensed falconer and has been doing talks, demonstrations and hunting with birds of prey during this time.

The information sessions will include but is not limited to a brief history on falconry, identification of the birds of prey in the Georgian Bay area, their food sources, and the requirements to become a licensed falconer in Ontario, hunting limits, conditioning a bird of prey, imprinting and many more topics on this interesting lifestyle.

During some sessions, depending on the time of year, birds of prey will be present and some will have flight demonstrations.

If you have ever wanted to learn more about birds of prey, please join us. Bookmark our Coming Events page for details on upcoming sessions.

When information sessions are not being offered, you can also read Bob's articles on falconry.


Trap Shooting

Our Trap facility is popular and recently modernized, with the purchase of a new machine. We are planning some renovations to further modernize. Our experienced Director in charge has a dedicated team of assistants to ensure an enjoyable shooting experience.


Pistol Club

This is the most active section of our Club, involving almost 200 members holding Restricted and Prohibited PAL’s. The Pistol Club has a separate modernized building. We have an excellent Management team involved in this area with regular training programs and a high degree of supervision to ensure a safe experience. Competitions are arranged regularly.


Action Shooting

This is an advanced area of pistol shooting and requires additional training. The Parry Sound Anglers and Hunters are also members of the IDPA. The standards practiced are IDPA standards.

There are action shooting practices weekly, when weather permits, and there are events including three gun competitions. This is a growing sport within our Club and if you have further enquires please feel free to call Mike at 705-746-0270.



This is a growing sector and one we particularly encourage and support. It is very much a family-oriented sport allowing participation from young and old. We have both adult and youth evenings and open house events through the year. We have expert trainers and instructors on hand to guide and improve your skill. We are proud of the recent accomplishments made to improve our archery facilities, and the considerable effort continues.

scope and rifle

Precision Rifle

The PSAH is pleased to announce that Bob Raymond will be holding precision rifle classes at our facility on Brooks Road. Bob is a competitive long range rifle shooter, Chief Instructor for the Ontario Rifle Association, and former member of the Canada F Class rifle team. Bob has been teaching this highly successful course for over 10 years for the ORA. The skills taught are sought-after by hunters and competitive shooters alike.

Bookmark our Coming Events page for details on upcoming sessions.