Range Info and Rules

Review the following headings and links to become familiar with our Policies and Terms of Use of the Ranges.

You may also download the complete Range Rules & Information Manual

Parry Sound Anglers and Hunters operate a Clubhouse and Shooting Range at 41 Brooks Road, approximately 8 km south of Parry Sound off Oastler Park Drive.

The Club was established by a group of like-minded sportsmen dedicated to promoting the angling, hunting and shooting sports, and to promoting ethics and sportsmanship.  We require members and their guests to be aware of the Range Rules, Regulations, Policies and complete information.

This is most important to promoting hunting and firearm safety and to providing a safe and secure environment.

Things You Must Do

  • Sign in
  • There must be a Range Officer present
  • Use flags and signs
  • Check ALL Ranges... For 'In Use' ( "C" Range - Check behind 50 yd. berm )
  • Follow all range rules
  • Use Eye Protection (CSA with side protection)
  • Use Hearing Protection (26dB or better)
  • Clean up brass, targets, and garbage
  • Sighting in new gun, sights, or scope, ALWAYS start on 25 yd. range
  • Sign Out, Drop Flags, Close Signs, and Lock Gate
  • Range Maintenance Workers: Maintenance sign placed at gate and RED range flag up

Range Information for All Ranges

  • All range rules must be approved by Range Co-ordinator
  • All range designs and equipment must be approved by Range Co-ordinator
  • Any changes to range, equipment or rules, must be done in writing to Range Co-ordinator
  • Do not move range equipment, benches or target holders without approval of Range Co-ordinator
  • We are a Section 29 (2), (4) registered range (2008). Shoot only approved Firearms and targets
  • ALL range use and bookings must go through booking agent
  • Anything to do with ATT’s must go through Chris Everitt, Parry Sound Pistol Club
  • Any range use not written in Rules and Procedures MUST be checked with Range Co-ordinator

Range Operations

All range officers and range users are required to read and sign these Range Operating Instructions yearly.